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Take 10% Off All of Our Equine Products!Founded by Steve and Signe Perine, Advanced Synergetics aims to provide consumers with nutritional products of the highest possible quality at the most reasonable prices. After several years of experience in developing and distributing human health nutraceuticals, Steve and Signe created an equine line to enhance health and performance in their horses. Today, horse trainers, professional athletes, and those who are simply interested in maintaining good health rely on Advanced Synergetics for nutritional advice, personal service, and pharmaceutical grade products with great prices.
Call us today to see how nutritional supplements can dramatically improve health and well being in people and horses alike!
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Advanced Synergetics also offers a full line of Human Health nutraceuticals (suplements) for atheletes, body builders, and anyone interested in maintaining good health. Find out more. . .
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Robin Hoods and SuperSweat Equine Hoods, Sheets, and Sweats.

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